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5 Minutes with Michail Chopra

Vitesse in conversation with Michail Chopra

Continuing our 5 minutes with series, we talk to the Chief Executive Officer of Mayfair Group, Michail Chopra, on their experiences using Vitesse. Mayfair Group provides administration services focused on the health insurance market including health, wellness and assistance services. Mayfair Group provides healthcare services to over 100,000 members around the world.

Q: What services do Vitesse provide for the Mayfair Group and how long have you been working with them?

MC: We utilise Vitesse for their global payment service and treasury platform enabling Mayfair to have a single view of all our loss fund positions and ensure that our customers obtain their funds in the most efficient manner possible. Mayfair was one of the first ‘early adopters’ of the Vitesse solution and have a long-standing and strong working relationship with all levels of the team at Vitesse.

Q: How would you describe your Vitesse experience to date?

MC: Engaging with Vitesse has very much been a partnership from the outset. Vitesse listened to the complexities of our payment challenges and not only delivered a solution that matched the brief but was also able to offer up additional opportunities to work together based on their extensive experience within the Insurance industry.

Q: Do you feel that using Vitesse gives you a competitive advantage in the market?

MC: Undoubtedly. We can settle funds in many countries in real time to our customers and always deliver full claim value in local currency to local bank accounts. Coupled with our efficient back-office processes, we are able to settle claims quicker than our competitors and deal with any follow on payment issues with direct local bank contact. The operational team at Vitesse are always very helpful and efficient and support us with quarterly review meetings to ensure we remain at the forefront of payment offerings.

Q: Would you recommend Vitesse to your partners?

MC: If you’re looking for an Insurance treasury and payments solution then Vitesse should be top of your list.

“We are immensely proud of our long-standing relationship with Mayfair Group. Their global customer base and absolute focus on customer service is a strong match with Vitesse and we very much look forward to a long and successful business partnership together”

Phillip McGriskin, Chief Executive Officer, Vitesse

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