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How do you deliver payments?

Wherever possible, Vitesse use our own in-country distribution network connected to the domestic clearing systems in countries round the world. As direct members of SWIFT we can also pay to anywhere your bank can.

Will my customers get the full amount of the instruction?

Beneficiaries of Vitesse made payments always receive the full amount as our in-country connections avoid intermediary bank charges.

Is it complicated to pass Vitesse payout instructions?

In a word, no. You don’t need to be connected to SWIFT or use dated 103 format files. For an automated solution we have full API connectivity, you can upload a batch of payments on our website in a format of your choosing across as many currencies as you want or just enter single payments.

Are my funds safe?

Vitesse is regulated around the world and specifically as an e-money issuer in the United Kingdom under the FCA guidance and as a Payments Institution in the Netherlands. This coupled with our latest independently tested security technology puts the safety of your funds first, always.

What about reporting?

Your online accounts are reflected in real time with all activity at a transaction level. You can export multiple views of this data on demand or alternatively schedule reports on a regular basis. These reports can be downloaded, emailed or pushed to an SFTP site of your choosing in a format that fits your needs facilitating massive back office efficiency gains.

How does your charging work?

Vitesse can provide a number of different commercial models depending on the needs of our customer from transaction pricing to service fees.

Can I have multiple levels of payment approval?

Yes and it’s defined by how you set-up your online portal. Full audit reporting is available as well as alerts on outstanding approvals.

Can I fund my payments in multiple currencies?

Where we can hold the currency, we’re happy for you to fund us in a currency that’s convenient for you.

Who performs the cybersecurity audits on your services?

We work with Mitigo to deliver comprehensive cyber security audits across all of our services to be as protected as possible.

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