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Vitesse joins Global Payroll Association as member

Helping Vitesse grow further in the payroll space

The Global Payroll Association is a one-stop-shop for global and in-country payroll professionals. The GPA connects world-leading payroll experts and network with other like-minded professionals.

They are passionate and dedicated champions of all things payroll and, most importantly, champions of the people in payroll.

We ask Mauro Di Buono, Corporate Director at Vitesse, about this new membership and what it means to him.

Why is being part of the Global Payroll Association important to you?

Because of the great community they are building and the connections that the GPA allows with global payroll organizations, members, leaders in the space as well as training and exclusive networking events worldwide.

What benefits do you think this membership will bring?

So many things! Networking events, global payroll insights and resources, local payroll knowledge. Understanding the challenges that both our existing customers and potential prospects are facing gives us the opportunity to build the innovation and connectivity needed to deliver payroll payments to the right place, at the right time.

How are we supporting the payroll space?

We are providing global payroll organisations, and their customers, with global payments solutions and alternative payment methods to pay employees worldwide on time and, most importantly, ensuring they receive the full value.

Our platform is intuitive and easy to use, which provides huge time savings for treasurers and payment processors. Making payments globally, into different countries and jurisdictions can make the process highly manual and opens up a greater opportunity of errors.

With our batch upload tool, you can utilise a multi-step validation process – from upload to sanction checks prior to release – to mitigate payment errors down the line and potential risk events with customers not receiving the right value on the correct date.

Who are you looking to connect with via this membership?

I’m excited to connect with global payroll organizations and thought leaders in the space, to share insights, learn from industry leaders and understand the challenges faced on a daily basis.

Are there any upcoming events / webinars that you are looking forward to?

I really enjoyed the GPA Annual Summit earlier this year and am looking forward to the GPA Payroll Awards in Dublin on September 2022.

To find out more about how Vitesse can help make payroll payments easier, visit our Payroll page.

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