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The problems we solve

Getting claims paid is never more important than the times when people are away from home and in urgent medical need.


Ensure payouts are processed promptly at competitive rates and delivered in full value to travellers in need.


We’re integral to the industry transformation, accelerating the claims experience from FNOL to actual payment.


We connect to 100+ partners and payment schemes to offer you and your customers the maximum flexibility.

Network Partners

Getting payments to your network partners and suppliers as quickly as possible.

Legacy Systems

Disparate or old banking platforms are no longer fit for purpose.

Keeping Control

Limited understanding of the costs associated with making global payments.

Delayed Payments

Getting payments to your suppliers and merchants on time.

OUR SOLUTIONs For travel & Healthcare

Transforming Travel & Healthcare Claims Operations.

Our award-winning global payment network ensures that eventual payments at the end of the chain of your claims operations are delivered swiftly and in full value to travellers when they need it most.

Global Payment Network

We have direct and indirect connections with hundreds of banks around the world, establishing secure, fast, reliable, and cost-effective routes for your payments.

Payment instructions

You can initiate and validate payments on the Vitesse Client Portal, either individually or in batches. Alternatively, our clients optimise their operations through system integration (using API or FTP), managing claims on their business application while Vitesse serves as the payment engine behind the scene.

Cross-border and FX

You can hold funds and settle claims in most common currencies. In cases where the currency for funds differs from the currency for payment, we seamlessly proceed to exchange at a competitive rate, and ensuring the payee receives the full value of the claim.

Service Level

With our transparent list of payment rules and timelines, you know exactly when your customers can expect to receive their payout.

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Improve your operations and customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

When travelers experience quick and hassle-free claim settlements, it builds trust and loyalty towards the insurance provider, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

Cash Flow Management

Efficient claim fund management enhances forecasting and resource allocation. This ensures adequate reserves for settlements, while contributing to cost containment through improved capital efficiency.

Operational Costs

Streamlining claim fund management leads to more efficient operations. Automation and improved processes reduce the manpower and time required to handle claims, thereby cutting down on operational costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Efficient claim fund management ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. This helps in avoiding legal complications and penalties, and maintains the insurer’s reputation in the industry.

Data-Driven Insights

Improved processes in claim management often involve data analytics, which can provide valuable insights into claim patterns and risk management. This can aid in adjusting premiums, underwriting policies, and tailoring insurance products more effectively.

Global Reach and Responsiveness

The ability to manage claims efficiently across different countries and currencies is crucial. Better fund management and payment systems allow for rapid expansion into new markets, helping you achieve your strategic growth goals.

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