A new way to settle claims on the Lloyd’s market

Faster Claims Payment

Vitesse have partnered with Lloyd’s and LIMOSS to deliver a funding and payment solution which provides fast pay out of a claim to a policyholder by decoupling it from the monthly bordereaux and loss fund top-up processes. 

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Our success so far

The solution is being rolled out on the whole market. You can track the project framework and progress here.

Streamlined operations


Track record


Paid out

Growing adoption

MA/DCAs participating

Faster Claims Payment benefits

Better Customer Experience

Meet or exceed your customers’ expectations by paying claims in real time.

Centralised Funds View

Get real-time visibility and control over your loss funds and set access rights and payment validation rules for delegated authorities.

Funds in Regulated Environment

Funds are held in tier-1 bank partners in a regulated environment and protected through safeguarding annual audits.

No More Cash Calls

Using Vitesse, claim payments are drawn straight from insurers’ funds, removing the need for cash calls.

Up to 80% of Funds Returned

Automatic sweeps to fund claims payments allow for a reduction in committed liquidity, freeing up capital to invest back into your business.

No More Cash Calls

Using our platform, claims payments are drawn from insurer funds, removing the need for loss funds and required cash calls.

80% Funds Returned to Your Business

Automatic sweeps to fund claims payments facilitate an 80% reduction in committed liquidity, freeing up funds to invest back into your business.

“The TPAs and Coverholders using the FCP solution said it made a world of different to them. They were explaining to us how this could be an absolute game changer and the beginning of the elimination of the clunky mechanism that we have in place right now.

I’m really proud that the market worked on this in collaboration, to embrace technology, automation and challenge the status quo.”

Sheel Sawhney
Group Head of Claims - Brit

“FCP removes several steps, allowing us to decrease the time to pay claims and increase financial accuracy.”

Dave Hausch
President - Hausch & Company

“Month-end reconciliation went smoothly and any process changes didn’t require any additional time, and were worth it for the overall saving in effort and workflow improvement.”

Van Miehe
Director of Finance - Hausch & Company

“We have many other binders we think are suitable for FCP once the MAs get onboard – we’re sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss funds we don’t think we need.”

Van Miehe
Director of Finance - Hausch & Company

How does FCP work?

  • MA holds small liquidity balances with Vitesse, automatically topped up as needed.

  • Liquidity pulled from each MA Vitesse account depending on % split (as detailed in binder) in real-time to fund the DCA approved payment.

  • Claimant settlement flow delivers funds in real-time.

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