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Doing mental health properly in the workplace

Vitesse partners with Oliva for employee wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing is no longer a nice-to-have. The last few years have shown us it’s a necessity.

In 2023, Vitesse are hyper-focused on success and know that a healthy team means we can achieve our growth goals and deliver a better service to our customers. 

Life is unpredictable and burnout can be a real issue, especially in a startup where we’re driving growth whilst having to be agile and flexible,” says Phil McGriskin, CEO & Co-founder of Vitesse. “I’ve been passionate about work-life balance from the start and believe supporting the wellbeing of our staff, not just during work hours but all the time, is key to seeing them succeed individually and in turn, the company seeing success. Our new partnership with Oliva is giving everyone access to the right levels of support, at the time it’s needed; a real gamechanger to our company.”

Oliva offers 1-to-1 therapy & coaching, group mental fitness classes, engaging TED-style Talks, and more, all exclusive to the platform.

Far from a directory, their qualified therapists and coaches are hand picked by their in-house clinical team. With a match rate of 98%, they really understand the value of building trust between their therapists and our staff. 

Temi Akinmade, People Partner at Vitesse says, “Oliva is a platform that gives our employees the opportunity to open up and seek specialist support when they need it. It’s easy to use and accessible for our growing and diverse team, and the option to chat as well as speak to someone via video provides that extra level of comfort when at your lowest. The webinars provide commonality and show that we are not alone in feeling a particular way. The in-depth initial questionnaire allows you to be matched with someone who can really understand what you are going through.”

While Oliva supports those facing mental health challenges, it’s also a great tool for employees wanting to strengthen their resilience. And that care is delivered on-demand, at a pace to suit every individual.

With evidence suggesting that almost 13% of all sickness days in the UK can be attributed to mental health, can companies afford not to support their teams?

“We spend at least eight of our precious hours at work each day, so employers have a huge responsibility to support the mental wellbeing of their teams,” says Sançar Sahin, Co-founder of Oliva. “If we want to know the ROI, we just need to think of our own experience. How many times have we taken a day off because we lack the mental energy to turn up? Or turned up, but have had our minds somewhere else—like thinking about a sick relative, a recent breakup, or something more debilitating like depression, OCD, or trauma?

“It’s great to see Vitesse investing in their team. We can’t wait to see the impact it will have on their wellbeing—and that of the company.”

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